Do I have your attention? Good.

Everything that has come to light during the last few months, and the huge push for a movement combatting sexual abuse and discrimination, has struck a chord deep inside of me. For the last five years, I have been trying to portray the life of a sexual abuse victim to my readers through the eyes of Eva in LIVE ME and BREATHE YOU. My goal in writing these books was not just to give you a beautiful love story, but to also convey a message. To bring to light what actually goes on in the lives of so many, and to give a voice to someone who may not have found theirs yet. To sprinkle them with courage, and let them know it’s not okay, but that it IS their divine right to take their body’s back.

Today, I have decided to try and make an impact in the movement to a freer you, a louder us, and to take a stand when so many take a seat. On Friday, February 23rd I will be putting LIVE ME on sale for $0.99. All sales on that day will be donated to Time’s Up, a movement that can change the course of this dark piece of history, and shed light into those dark little alleys of life where these kinds of things happen.

Please help me spread the word by filling out this form. All you need is an email address. You will receive a simple copy and paste for your social media platforms and blog pages that I would be so grateful if you would post on Friday, February 23rd.

HOP ON BOARD HERE: http://bit.ly/2Hs5cro

Much love,